A new cover! (And some odds and ends)

Thanks to some help from a good friend, “Pieces” finally has a lovely, professional cover! The old one was good for a homegrown effort, but enlisting a pro is always a good idea if you can afford it. Remember to get a ballpark estimate before you contract for the work. You don’t want any nasty

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Content or Grammar? Which wins?

Did you ever have an English teacher who gave you a split grade on papers based on content and grammar (or “mechanics”)? Maybe it would be expressed as something like a 95/80, meaning you got an “A” on content and a “B-minus” on grammar. Some of my classmates were pleased if they had a “B”

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Win an autographed copy of “Pieces of Our Hearts!

Do you like free stuff? Of course you do! We all love free stuff! Well here’s your chance to win a FREE copy of “Pieces of Our Hearts!” Meg Kelley loves the University of Alabama Crimson Tide, so to celebrate the biggest football game of their season, the Alabama-Auburn game on November 24, I’ll send

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love scenes

About Love Scenes…

One question  a lot of writers have concerns love scenes. How do you write them? What should you or should you not include? (For a basic look at where my writing ideas come from, see my previous post.) Take a look at any book section in your local store and you’ll see romances running the

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Where do you get your ideas?

That’s probably the most common question any author hears. The answer is probably different for every writer. For me, ideas come from everywhere. My own life, friends’ stories about their lives, current events, news stories, songs, movies — you name it. Writing romance does present a challenge because well, if you want a happy ending

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12 eBooks in a Few Days

So, I listed my “Pieces of Our Hearts” eBook on August 20, and have sold 12 copies. I’m stunned. Mostly because I never supposed I’d ever write anything anyone actually wanted to BUY. So that’s certainly a start. But I’m starting at the end. Let’s try the beginning on for size. “Pieces” is the culmination

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